ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades – Ship Outside U.S.

The Ultimate History Books are full of history and awesome photos, but they are also big and relatively heavy (typical coffee table book size). So the cost of shipping outside the U.S. is high. Below are the approximate costs. If you want to order one or more books, send me the address and I will send you the exact cost. You can pay via PayPal (using a credit card) or send a check in US$.

As you will notice, the cost per book drops quite a bit the more books you order.

Approximate cost below including book and shipping.

(note: Some countries charge a duty fee when book is delivered.)

                                     Europe                                            Japan                                      Canada
1 book =     US$ 80 (cost/book~$ 80)      US$  70 (cost/book~$70)    US$ 55 (cost/book~$55)
2 books =   US$100 (cost/book~$ 50)     US$110 (cost/book~$55)    US$ 85 (cost/book~$43)
3 books =   US$125 (cost/book~$ 42)     US$130 (cost/book~$44)    US$110 (cost/book~$37)
4 books =   US$150 (cost/book~$ 38)     US$160 (cost/book~$40)    US$135 (cost/book~$34)
10 books = US$300 (cost/book~$ 30)     US$310 (cost/book~$31)    US$270 (cost/book~$27)

                                     Taiwan                                            future                                      future
1 book =     US$ 80 (cost/book~$ 80)      US$  xx (cost/book~$xx)    US$ xx (cost/book~$xx)
2 books =   US$110 (cost/book~$ 55)     US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)    US$ 85 (cost/book~$43)
3 books =   US$135 (cost/book~$ 45)     US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)    US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)
4 books =   US$170 (cost/book~$ 33)     US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)    US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)
10 books = US$340 (cost/book~$ 34)     US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)    US$xxx (cost/book~$xx)

Thank you,
Joe Seidler
For orders outside US, please email me.