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All-Time Top 20 Club Men’s Teams (grass, and by time periods)
All-Time Top 20 Club Women’s Teams (grass, and by time periods)
All-Time Top 20 Club Mixed Teams (grass, and by time periods)
All-Time Top 20 College DI Teams (and by time periods)

Top 10 Masters Men’s Teams (grass)
Top 5 Masters Women’s Teams (grass)
Top 5 Grand Masters Men’s Teams (grass)

My goal is to rank the best teams as defined by having “mostly the same roster”. That is, for these stats, a team is defined more by its roster than its name. It is clear that a team with the same name that played in 2000 is not the same “team/roster” in 2016. However, IMO longevity matters, so a team who won the national championship 3 times and then disappeared should not be ranked as high as one who won the national championship for 2 years, then was a losing finalist for 3 years, then a losing semifinalist for 3 years and then a losing quarterfinalist for 2 years. I picked 10 years as the maximum number of consecutive years I would consider a team having the same roster. So when I assign points for how a team finished at Nationals, I pick their best 10 consecutive years and ignore their finishes outside that time period.

By Time Period:
Best Club Men’s Teams from ’98-’03 and ’98-’08

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