♦ ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. I (1968-2004)
(Vol. I is reprint of 2005 “ULTIMATE–The First Four Decades”)

♦ ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. II (2005-2018)
(Vol. II is a new book with 224 pages of history and photos.)

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Ultimate History - Joe Seidler
Maintaining the history on this website is a true labor of love…
I’ve never played ultimate. My wife and I first saw a game in 1993 when our son started playing at UCSB. We quickly became avid fans attending many college and club Regionals, Nationals and Worlds through 2004. Along the way, I became dedicated to documenting the history of the sport and the great athletes who play it.

Joe Seidler
– Ultimate dad ’92-present
– USA Ultimate Board Member ’02-’04
– Revolver Ultimate webmaster ’06-’09
– Matza Balls Ultimate webmaster ’99-’13
Santa Barbara Ultimate webmaster ’96-’05

– USAU Friends & Family Parent Liaison ’09-’10
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Four Decades” ’05

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