I maintain this site so the names of the dedicated ultimate players, their teams, and their achievements will not disappear over time. My newest project was publishing the three new Ultimate History Books!

“I thought I knew my history of ultimate, but boy was I wrong. So I wanted to thank you for preserving “the knowledge” for us all. I can’t imagine that it’s been a terribly lucrative venture (because ultimate players basically don’t buy anything except cleats and beer) but you’ve done a service to humanity, as I’m sure you know. Your book will be the Book of Kells for ultimate, reintroducing the game to generations to come in dark ages yet to be imagined. I’m not overstating it when I say that. I believe that each of us is a steward of our DNA (ours to enjoy and use while we have it) and I strive to honor that stewardship in my life. You have profoundly honored yours, and I hope you appreciate that.”
John ‘JV’ Vorhaus

Ultimate History - Joe Seidler
Maintaining the history on this website is a true labor of love…
I’ve never played ultimate. My wife and I first saw a game in 1993 when our son started playing at UCSB. We quickly became avid fans attending many college and club Regionals, Nationals and Worlds through 2004, and now attending Masters Championships. Along the way, I became dedicated to documenting the history of the sport and the great athletes who play it.

Joe Seidler
– Ultimate dad ’92-present
– USA Ultimate Board Member ’02-’04
– Revolver Ultimate webmaster ’06-’09
– Matza Balls Ultimate webmaster ’99-’13
Santa Barbara Ultimate webmaster ’96-’05

– USAU Friends & Family Parent Liaison ’09-’10
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Four Decades” ’05
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Five Decades, Vol. I & II & III” ’19

If you have any questions, feel free to email: joe (at) seidler (dot) com