Hall of Fame

The Ultimate Hall of Fame was established in 2004 to honor the men and women “who by their deeds as ultimate players and/or contributors, and by the example of their lives, merit acknowledgment by all individuals involved in the sport of ultimate.”

Although the Ultimate Hall of Fame remains a “virtual” hall for the time being, the long-range goal is to establish a permanent site. In the meantime, the inductees are currently honored with a plaque at the USA Ultimate headquarters building in Colorado Springs, CO. The formal induction ceremony, which is held every five years in conjunction with the ultimate players’ alumni reunion, was last held in Oct. 2018, alongside the 2018 USA Ultimate Club National Championships in Del Mar, CA.

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the sport included a big gala event in Del Mar, CA in 2018 where over 400 mostly “old timers” gathered to greet old friends, attend the HoF Dinner, learn more about the last 50 years, and hear where some think the sport will go in the next half-century. Two of the three original founders of the sport and authors of the first set of rules at Columbia High School were present -Joel Silver and Jon Hines (their good friend Buzzy Hellring died shortly after entering college). It was the first time these two men had ever been interviewed together since they left high school.

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