The Goals of this Website were to Include the Following Ultimate History:
1. Founding of the Sport
2. UPA/USAU History
3. Teams and Regions History (incl. videos, documentaries and key photos)
4. Championship Results and Rosters
5. Interesting Team and Player Stats
6. Spirit Awards History and Winner Backgrounds
7. Hall of Fame History and Member Backgrounds
8. Ultimate Discs History
9. Ultimate Rules History & SOTG
10. List of Books on the History and Playing of Ultimate
But it’s Time to Pass the Baton…
Hello to all my ultimate history friends. After over 20 years of maintaining the Ultimate History website, I am retiring. I will keep the site up at least thru 2023, but I stopped updating it with college data after 2019 and club data after 2021. But don’t worry, it will continue in a new very powerful form!

William “Brody” Brotman has created an amazing new Ultimate History site that lets you pick what and who you want to see. It’s a technical marvel. It has most of the history in my retiring site, and he has promised it will grow and mature. So please use this new URL for all of your ultimate history questions:
I loved being the ultimate historian and keeping in touch with so many ultimate players. You are the best people I know, and the sport is the best I’ve ever watched. Keep the camaraderie, culture and drive to win for only winning’s sake started by Tom “TK” Kennedy way back in 1978 when he started the UPA.

Ultimate History - Joe Seidler
Maintaining the history on this website was a true labor of love…
I’ve never played ultimate. My wife and I first saw a game in 1993 when our son, Jason Seidler, started playing at UCSB. We quickly became avid fans attending many college and club Regionals, Nationals and Worlds through 2004, and now attending Masters Championships. Along the way, I became dedicated to documenting the history of the sport and the great athletes who play it.

Joe Seidler
– Ultimate dad, 1992-present
– USA Ultimate Board Member, 2002-04
– Helped Lead UPA Executive Director Searches, 2002 & 2009

– USAU Friends & Family Parent Liaison, 2009-’10
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Four Decades”, 2005
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Five Decades, Vol. I & II & III”,  2019
– Inducted into Ultimate Hall of Fame, 2022
– Publisher “ULTIMATE-The First Five Decades, Vol. IV International”, 2023

If you have any questions, feel free to email: joe (at) seidler (dot) com