The Red Sea Pedestrians 1987

1987 April Fools West – Quarterfinalist
Stanford Univ.

Standing (L-R):
Irwin Mulnick / Steve Rypens / Mike Turoff / John Smail / Peter Norvig / Brian Herman / Alan ‘Flash‘ Friedman /
Noel Kaufman / Ken Calloway / Sam Levenberg / Jack Kleinman / Steve Courlang / Howard Jaffe / Dan Dougherty

Seated (L-R):
Jay Janin / Ron ‘Ronar‘ Oliner / Dan Weiss

Comments from team founder, Steve Courlang:
Our original team name was “Yak Tesh” (which a teammate, Howard Jaffe, told me meant ‘desire’ in Swahilli). The final team name was “The Red Sea Pedestrians” with ‘Yak Tesh’ being our cheer and nickname. Our best team shirt had Moses holding the 10 Commandments in one arm and throwing the disc with overhand in mind with the other hand. The back of the shirt said, “Let me people throw.”