Matza Balls 1999

1999 April Fools West – Champions
U. C. Santa Cruz

Standing (L-R):
Marc Weinberger, Seth Blacher, Jacob Sider, Peter Bershatsky, Dan Goldman, Ricky Melner, Daniel ‘Dilly‘ Peltz, Craig ‘Craiger‘ Drizin, Dennis Karlinsky, Adam Grant

Kneeling (L-R):
Chris ‘Toaster‘ Hayden, Greg Friedman, Mike (& Zev) Glass, Jon Gewirtz, Scott Shanbron, Jason Seidler, David Barkan, Russ Zinner, Jeff (& Catherine) Landesman

Brody Barkan

1999 ROSTER (with years played):
01. David Barkan 95-99
02. Scott Shanbron 95-99
03. Jeff Landesman 95-97& 98p-99
04. Seth Blacher 95& 97-99
05. Craiger Drizin 95-99
06. Russ Zinner 95-99
07. Daniel Peltz 95-99
08. Mike Glass 95-99
09. Rick Melner 96-99
10. Jonathan Gewirtz 96-99
11. Chris Hayden 96&99
12. Dan Goldman 96&98-99
13. Dennis Karlinsky 97-99
14. Marc Weinberger 97-99
15. Jacob Sider 98-99
16. Peter Bershatsky 98-99
17. Adam Grant 99
18. Greg Friedman 99
19. Jason Seidler 99


vs Oregon State………..13-3
vs UCSB Black Tide…13-6
vs Minority Rulez……..13-8

vs Stanford A…………..14-7….Quarterfinals
vs Fool Injection………14-10…Semifinals
vs Condors……………..17-12…Finals

So it was a Santa Barbara Condors vs Matza Balls finals.
Close at first, then MBs went up 12-8. Condors came back to almost even it up at 13-12. The MBs pulled ahead to stay and won the game 17-12 and the tournament. This is the 4th time in the last 5 years that the Matza Balls have won Fools West.

“1999 was the best of all… Jacob’s game winning 85 yard backhand was awe inspiring; only slightly more than his judicious sub-calling.”
Dan Goldman