ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, Vol. III (eBook)

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Vol. III eBook Contents:
(>100 pages with over 40 rarely seen photos)
• Introduction
• Chapter 1. History of the Disc
• Chapter 2. Evolution of Rules & SOTG
• Chapter 3. Ultimate Hall of Fame
• Chapter 4. History of the UPA/USAU *NEW*

The new Ch. 4 covers the 40 year history of how the USAU/UPA got started, its early years, its maturing years, its difficult years, and finally its last decade. It’s an amazing story starting with Tom “TK” Kennedy. IMO, like George Washington and his impact on our then new country, if TK hadn’t been the person he was, the UPA might have ended after its first leader. He faced resistance from the sport’s founding East Coast players who didn’t trust his West Coast origins and his connection to Wham-O thru Dan “Stork” Roddick. In fact, a common theme throughout the history of the USAU was the resistance it faced from some of its members on various issues. This chapter tells the story from the USAU’s perspective… the side that often was not understood by the members.

The eBook also includes these great chapters and a slew of rarely seen photos:
– History of the Disc
– Evolution of Rules & SOTG
– Ultimate Hall of Fame

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